Welcome to Nix-Dev (Read First)

The Nix-Dev is a community and a discussion forum for geeks who are interested in the Cloud and Internet of Things technology. It is also a cross platform for geeks to discuss about different IoT related technologies and IoT platform provided by different companies. But you can also start a discussion about related topics.


Of course, there are some things that are off-topic and not allowed at all. Topics like these:

Sex, Religion, Politics, Racism, and Hate will get you warned and eventually banned.

But you are not one of them, are you?

Before Creating new Topic, please…

  1. Search before opening or creating a new topic, as someone might have already created the topic you want to create.
  2. When creating a topic, please be sure to select the correct category so it is easier to find. If none of the category feels applicable, it is OK to leave the category blank (Uncategorized).
  3. Make sure to be very descriptive in your topic, and give it an accurate title.

Help Improve the Community

You don’t have to reply or create new topics to help improve the community. You can use the LIKE buttons to let people know when they wrote a good post, and you can flag the posts that you find spammy or offensive.

Please avoid Internet Explorer 8, use modern and latest browsers, as Nix-Dev is powered by Discourse. Latest and Moderns browsers are encouraged to be used for the best result.

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