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Custom PHP Application Development Services

PHP Development Services

Nix-Dev offers a pool of certified PHP developers well-versed in the technologies and methodologies your project needs to succeed.

Since 2015, our company has been committed to cultivating collective PHP expertise. Through continuous education, mentoring, and training, we have built a unit of highly competent PHP professionals who deliver top-notch web development services.

Key Technology Competence

Symfony, Laravel, Yii, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Slim

WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Joomla

Cloud Computing Platforms
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure

Data Management
  • RDBMS: MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS, Azure SQL Database
  • NoSQL: MongoDB, Amazon DynamoDB, Firebase, Azure Cosmos DB
  • Searching: Elasticsearch, Amazon CloudSearch, Azure Search
  • Caching: Memcached, Redis, Amazon ElastiCache, Azure Redis Cache

Third-Party APIs
  • Analytics: Google, NPAW, comScore, Nielsen, Crashlytics
  • Payment: PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.Net, Cleeng, Vindicia
  • Social: Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  • Geolocation: Google Maps, Bing Maps
  • File storage: Dropbox, Box, ownCloud, Google Drive

RabbitMQ, Amazon SQS, Azure Queue, Azure Service Bus

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Our PHP Development Expertise

Advertising Tech

Advertising Tech

Harness the power of AdTech solutions tailored to your business goals. We empower publishers, advertisers, and other stakeholders with the tools to efficiently manage their ad inventory, optimize yield, and gain deeper insights into ad campaign performance.
Online Video

Online Video

Leverage our knowledge to build a cutting-edge online video platform. Engage audiences with a custom VoD or live streaming product that boasts a well-thought-out UX, an appealing UI, smooth cross-device content delivery, rich analytics, and more.


Stay ahead of the curve with feature-rich eCommerce applications complete with powerful search, personalized recommendations, and secure payment functionality. Predict consumer behavior with precision using AI-powered analytics to provide a superior customer service.
EdTech and eLearning

EdTech and eLearning

Deliver more value with our custom eLearning solutions. Revitalize an existing LMS with new features like enrollment management, online scheduling, and video conferencing, or design a learning platform from scratch and cater to your clients’ unique demands.

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