Fail2ban still Bans IP even after white listing

If you wanted to add or white list an IP into fail2ban so that it does not ban it such as Cloudflare IP address, then you need to add those into your jail configuration file. For this example, I am going to use CF’s IP address available here.

Some of you are going to use jail.conf for their jail configuration, however one might also use jail.local instead. So, do add following command or alter the ignoreip in your preferred configuration file.

For me, I am going to use jail.local:

$ vi /etc/fail2ban/jail.local

Finally add your IP’s separated by space.

ignoreip = ::1 2400:cb00::/32 2606:4700::/32 2803:f800::/32 2405:b500::/32 2405:8100::/32 2a06:98c0::/29 2c0f:f248::/32

Save the file with and restart fail2ban

$ systemctl restart fail2ban